Daisy on being thrown

Because Daisy is a small dog, it’s easy to scoop her up and throw her into the kitchen. Or scoop her up and throw her into the garden. Or scoop her up and throw her off the sofa. Scooping and throwing is easy. But poor Daisy! One moment she is enclosed in the snuffles of a cushion and the next she is skidding about on a cold hard floor. It sounds like you relate to that, says Daisy, listening in to my lamentations. Well, I reply, aren’t we all thrown into the world? But Daisy shakes her head. Whilst it is true that you are thrown into the world, she says, I am merely thrown into the kitchen. I give Daisy a scratch behind her ears. It’s cute when she gets all Heideggerian. And who do you think came off worse? I ask as gently as I can. We both know the answer to that, she replies.