The book

Daisy knows I’m up to something. First she scoots under the table. Then she lowers her head when I clip on her lead. Where are you taking me? she asks. It’s nothing to worry about, I say – but I know that I have good as told her that I’m hiding a worming tablet in some cheese. You’re going to put me in that book! she says. Oh, yes, how you would like that! No more mud on the floor! No hairs on the sofa! No more howling into the darkness! I tell her that I love all of those things. Of course you do, says Daisy. But already I am closing the covers. I feel so bad about it. I can still hear her, pawing at the pages to get out.

Daisy on Life and Literature is a self-published ebook based on posts from antiphysis.comYou might say that it is an introduction to concepts used in the study of literature. Or you might just say it is about a dog. You can find it on amazon.