Daisy on anamorphosis

Daisy doesn’t pay any attention to the television – at least not from the front. Recently, I have caught her taking a sneaky peek at it from down on the floor, on her cushion, her head stretched out and lopped over to one side. It’s quite an angle. Now there are lots of things you might not want to look at head on: the sun, for instance, problems, death. But a television does invite a certain way of looking. I was curious. I got down on the floor, my head on the cushion, my body twisting round to get the angle. What are you avoiding, Daisy? I asked. But she wasn’t avoiding anything. I don’t know exactly what I saw but it was both beautiful and terrible. The shadows took on a new and fearsome form. I jumped up. How can you bear that, Daisy? I asked. Just watch the TV, she said.