Daisy on pun

You have your tail, I tell Daisy, and I have mine. She looks at me blankly. It’s a pun, I say, and a conceit to boot. To boot? says Daisy. Never mind, I say. For we could say that as your tail is long, so mine is long in the telling. I see, says Daisy. Or we might say that both yours and mine have their highs and their lows. Could we also say, asks Daisy, that as mine grows bushy at the end, so it is hard to find a point in yours? We might, I reply cautiously. And could we also say, asks Daisy, getting into her stride, that whilst I wag my tail, it is your tale that wags you? Well, that would all depend, I say. I thought it might, says Daisy.

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