Daisy on naming

Daisy, I say, name me! Daisy peers up from a long way beneath her eyebrows. Look, I say, you are The Doos! The reason Daisy is The Doos is because The Doos is short (marginally) for Daisy Doos. Whichever, she looks at me blankly. You are Sausage, I say. The reason Daisy is Sausage is because she can flatten out and stretch to the end of the sofa. I give her tummy a scratch. Sausage! I say. Or Scratty Rat! Scratty Rat is used alternately with Wet Dog. All this time, Daisy holds her tongue and her silence becomes weighty and deep. Name me! I say again, peering down into her button eyes. More silence. Sometimes Daisy can be so stubborn.

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