Daisy on form

Daisy is skipping about the garden so I put her in a TV show. First I wait for her to stop. How amazing was that? I ask. Very? she offers. And you must have been worried about it beforehand? I suggest. I accept Daisy’s downward snuffle as a nod. How relieved you must feel? Before Daisy can answer I make her sit at my feet. Now you’re going to get a score! I announce grandly. I wait for a while before I tell her she has got a seven. How pleased are you with that? I ask. This time Daisy says nothing. I give her a nudge but she refuses. It is then that a cold chill creeps over me. The silence fills with the hum of TV cameras. I have reached the very edge of the form. At last, Daisy takes pity. Yes, she says, I was worried but now I’m pleased – it’s all so amazing!

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