Daisy on the machine

Dear reader – You didn’t know I love this old machine. Yes I found it. No I wasn’t upstairs. Carriage return carriage return. Wheee! That was good. Clunk clunk. I love the sound of it. Scroll down scroll down. Smell that reader. Lick the page. Those tiny little what do you call them letters. Ping! Love those. Love em. Like I’m getting up speed. Click click. Like this surprises you. Haven’t you always eyed my dainty feet? You’re a princess you’re a piggy. Off I go! Flying. Thundering. This machine’s gonna take down the walls. Like I’m leaping up. Like I’m leaping up for Frizz Bee and it’s spinning just perfect and for once just once I catch it. Yay! I catch it. But where’s the spin? Where’s the spin go? Sad eyes. This is why I write you. For the spin. Yours, with great affection and nose butts – Daisy.