Daisy in a list

One. Sit up straight and make a space next to you. Two. Tap the space. Three. Whistle or make a clicking noise with your tongue. Four. Say her name gently. Five. Try adding doos or boos or kins to the name. Six. Look into her eyes. Seven. Keep looking and do not look away even if you suddenly have the great idea to go and find her a treat. Eight. Try to remember who you are and what you want and why you made this list in the first place. Nine. Why did you make this list in the first place? It is clear from the dark of her eyes that all you are doing is amassing things and that the things, though manageable, old, and numbered have begun to obscure the point. The point being, though Daisy’s stare is relentless and hard and your helplessness is all apparent: ten.