Daisy on wonder

Do you wonder, Daisy? I ask, lifting her into my arms. We are in a field of grass. The grass is tall, taller than my knees, taller than Daisy, and the wind is stirring it. It shimmers in the light. Do you see that, Daisy? I say. A wave comes from behind us and drifts off towards some trees. There is something here that I want to share. I know that I want to share it because I imagine telling one or two people all about it. This is because there is wonder in the grass. I try to point Daisy at it. Come on, Daisy, I say, do you see that? Daisy sniffs the air. She knows that I want something from her. After a while, she says: I wonder if there are rabbits. She is trying to be helpful. So I set her down at my feet and let her scamper away. Then I turn from the grass and follow.

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