Daisy on rhyme

Sometimes Daisy is called ‘Daisy Dog’ or ‘Daisy Doo’. Whatever name is chosen, she responds with the same look. In an attempt to inspire her further, I incorporate her name into a rhyme: ‘Daisy Dog is not a frog!’ Daisy remains unimpressed. I tell her that I agree it’s not the best poem. Nevertheless, I explain, it is at least an object. Because of the rhyme, there is a limit on the words that might be chosen – and that limit speaks to us. It’s like choosing your palette, I add, or building a house out of just certain materials. And you’ve got to agree it’s tight and closed in on itself! You’re not going to squeeze anything else into it, I say. Daisy considers all this. Let me make you an object, she says at last: ‘Daisy Doo intends to –.’ Hey, Daisy! I say, interrupting. Enough of that!

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